GHK AK74 with Zenimei kit and TNT hop up unit and FG-Airsoft NPAS

GHK AK74 with Zenimei kit and TNT hop up unit and FG-Airsoft NPAS

Originally purchased during 2015 the internals all got replaced during 2018 and I also installed a lot of Zenimei parts which I will list below. The gun has been sat in storage since the end of 2019 so I recommend doing a full service when you receive it as I am fairly sure some oil will need to be added to the nozzle oring. I should have some nozzle o-ring spares about so if I do I will pop one in the box. The inner barrel will need to be cleaned and I would also suggest switching out the bucking with one of the two replacements provided as the one installed its looking a little beat up right now.

Full Parts List

Stock: Zenimei Stock PT-1
Grip: Zenimei RK-3 Metal Grip
Selector: Hephaestus Tactical Selector (Type B)
Nozzle: FG-Airsoft NPAS (Grub Screw)
Dust Cover: Zenimei ZE-B-33 Classic Hinge-Mounted Railed Dust-cover
Hop up: TNT Hop Up Unit + Two Replacement buckings
Upper front rail: Zenimei B-31C Mount for B-30
Lower front rail: Zenimei B-30 Handguard


There are a number of wear marks and scratches. The notable ones are that some of the paint has been rubbed off the dust cover from friction of the fire selector and there are some scratches a the top where a sight has been installed. Finally there are some scratches around the fire selector screw which could be fixed with some nail paint or something. Other than this the gun is in pretty good shape. Internally there are no problems this gun was built when GHK's quality control was a lot better than it is today.

Payment & Postage

The listed price includes the postage and I am accepting PayPal only as this will include buyer/seller protection. I am only willing to ship this to a UK address I will be posting via Parcel Force. If you wish to come and collect the gun then I will knock £50.00 off the asking price, I am based in Beeston just outside of Nottingham.

If you're interesting in buying then you can reach me at ash@hellfishairsoft.com

Upgraded WE L85 GBB

An upgraded WE L85 Rifle with 4 magazines 


VT INOX SS304 6.03mm Inner Barrel

VT NBR High Accuracy Hop-up Bucking



 GHK M4 RATECH URGI 14.5 inch

has following upgrades which come with it (Changed the hopup unit/innerbarrel with TNT versions)



RA 7075 Forged Receiver

RA Receiver Extension & Savy Stock

RA URGI /MK16 Maritime Bolt Stop

RA Recoil Buffer1

RA CNC Steel Bolt Carrier

New-Age Steel Receiver Pin set

New Age Ejection Port Cover

New Age Charging Handle

New-Age Trigger Guard

New-Age Steel Forward Assist

Replaced hopup with TNT hopup/innerbarrel

RATECH Adjustable nozzle

Daytona m249

Daytona m249 inside an A&K m249 shell, runs on HPA tank so fps will depend on the PSI setting. Comes with the magazine and HPA tank and line. Never been skirmished

if intrested contact me via my email chrisriffat@gmail.com UK collection only or somewhere nearby within around the nottngham area 


This listing is for a refurbished GHK G5 with a 16" DMR kit installed and GBL G5 Hulk Metal Hop Unit. There are no magazines included in this sale but I do have magazines available if you would like to purchase these at an additional cost.

Using green gas this gun shoots at an average of 339 fps using .2g BB's. The hop however is set for shooting .3g BB's. I do not recommend using anything stronger than green gas / propane as this is a polymer gun.

There is one issue with the gun which is that one of the pins is sticking out slightly this is because of a modification I have made to get one of the springs to stay in place. There is supposed to be a small plastic clamp in the upper receiver but this has been broken so I have inserted a small bit of plastic to act as a replacement. I have fired around ten magazines through the gun to ensure that the pin doesn't move or impact the functionality of the gun.

The images below can be clicked on for a high resolution version of the pictures.

If you are interested in buying this gun then drop me an email: ashley.patten86@gmail.com this is available to buy in the UK only.

Novritsch SSG24 Sniper Rifle

Selling my Novritsch SSG24 Sniper Rifle which is in excellent condition, I have only used it a few times.

The hop is perfectly set for 0.46g BB's and there are 4 full bottles of 0.46g BB's included.

Full list of what's included:

* SSG24

* Original hard case that came with the SSG24

* Scope Set from Novritsch website - Installed

* Killflash installed - Protects scope from BB impact's

* Enlarged Bolt handle - Installed

* Spare HopUp Bucking

* 4 SSG24 Gen2 20 round magazines

* Rifle Bipod

* Runcam Scopecam + Additional Battery + 64GB SD Card + Charging Cable - Installed

* 25mm 30mm Rail Adapter - Installed

* 4 bottles of 0.46g BB's

* 1 half bottle of 0.40g BB's

* Speed Loader with fill adapter

* Spare spring

* Spare honeycomb cover for sight 

Contact: ashley.patten86@gmail.com