address: Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies, University of Cambridge, 6 Chaucer Road, Cambridge, CB2 2EB, England
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Joseph Ashmore . Lizzie Babister . Rachel Battilana . Dr. Tom Corsellis . Kate Crawford . Jon Fowler . Ilan Kelman . Alison Killing . Peter Manfield . Allan McRobie . Lucy Morris . Antonella Vitale

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the project investigating insulated liners is supported by:
  • Buro Happold - UK Consulting Engineers
  • Fulcrum Consulting - UK Consulting Engineers
  • Gemini Data Loggers - Donated a significant quantity of essential scientific equipment for the field tests
  • Destex - Textiles manufacturer producing and donating some of the insulated liners.
  • Dupont - materials maunufacturer who have been helping with fire proofing materials..
  • ICRC - the International Committee of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
  • UNHCR - the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • WebDynamics - UK based textiles company who have been instrumental in developing and producing the materials used as tent liners


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